"We're In this Together.."

Offering Care for Couples at the same low price  as Individuals!

Good Hands In Home Care, we understand that in-home care is about more than living in the same four walls—it’s about familiarity, love, and cherished memories.

That’s why we offer senior care for couples, something that allows clients to enjoy the companionship and love of their marriage without the stress of daily tasks.

It is a beautiful privilege to grow old with your spouse. 

However, as married couples age, the ability to care for each other can grow more difficult. If one spouse grows weaker or suffers from an ailment, each individual is placed into a role that they may not be prepared for.

That’s why Good Hands In Home Care offers care for couples that they can rely on.

Our dedicated team of caregivers provide for both of their needs so they can enjoy their marriage with security and peace of mind.

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Couples  Care 


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